Babo's Brewery - Phase 1

So the REALLY SLOOOW process of me building my own brewery has started.

I got 3 50l kegs that were due to be scrapped. As you can see they are not in too bad condition.

I took on of the kegs and, using an angle-grinder, I removed the top part. It didn't take me too long although I did spend considerably longer cleaning up the rough edges afterwards.

I couldn't wait to make my first brew where I boil the entire wort so before I did anything else I made myself an immersion cooler. Here my young assistant is holding up the coil of soft draw copper tubing which we pulled around a bucket (old fermenter) to get the coil shape.

This was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I didn't really have the space and I was in a huge rush. The end result was that it twisted and was awkward to work with. In the end though we got a very basic immersion cooler which works.

My First full boil extract brew.

The gas cooker that I am using is really not great. I must look at getting a more efficient burner.

The immersion cooler being put to work.

After a cleanup - you can get a better view of the immersion cooler.

I realized that it was HUGE work to carry the boil kettle and then turn it upside down to fill the fermenter so I eventually decided to add a tap. Here you can see the tap added and the top removed from the next keg (this one I think will be the Mash Tun).

I have decided to build a Single-Tier-Brewery and had an old fish tank stand that I started to modify.

Here I have started to weld the supports that will hold the kegs eventually.

More to follow - eventually!