Update - 08 April 2011

So I finished striping down the frame and painted a rust converter.

I should have worn gloves - This stuff took ages to get off.

I sprayed the frame with an Engine enamel (high heat) so far so good - I am really starting to lke the look of this beastie.

The burners are now mounted under the HLT (Hot Liquor Tank) and the BK (Boil Kettle)

Pics with the Kegs on top of the frame (I still need to add the taps to the HLT and the BK but the rest is ready... This has been a long slooow process but things are starting to come together nicely now.

Still to come

  • Gas lines
  • Mount, Plumb and wire water pumps
  • Add CFC (Counter Flow Cooler)
  • etc.