DIY - Mash Tun

So the first piece of equipment I have built is a Mash Tun.

This is used to steep the crushed malt grains in hot water in order to extract the sugars etc. What comes out of the mash tun is wort (un-fermented beer).

Below are the steps I used to build my own Mash tun.

I purchased a Coleman 47l cooler which I modified into the mash tun.

I then removed the drain plug that came installed in the cooler.

I purchased the following items from Builders Warehouse - I laid the bits out as I was going to assemble them.

I decided to try to use the original white washer that came with the drain plug (This seemed to fit the drain hole very well). On the brass nipple you can see the white washer as well as some teflon tape that I have wrapped around the thread.

All seems like it fits nice and snug as you can see from this pic from inside.

On the outside I put the tap washer and then some more teflon tape.

With the nut to lock the nipple in place

More Teflon tape and the lever ball valve is installed

What is looks like after installation of the "tap".

This was take during a test to see if I had any leaks. I filled the mash tun with water and checked the next day. DAMN - I have a leak .. I will need to check on my assembly.

I have also started the manifold that will go inside the mash tun. Below you can see the Stainless mesh that I am taking off from some plumbing hoses after I have removed the compression connection. You may also be able to see the end of one I have completed. I turned the scruffy end in on itself to avoid getting pricked each time I handle the manifold.

As soon as I have more progress I will post it.


Whooo hooo I sorted the leak out. I stripped the complete thing and started again. This time though I started from the other end. I started from the lever-ball valve end and worked backwards into the cooler. I also needed a good deal more Teflon tape. Once I tightened up the locking nuts (far tighter than I had before) well 2 hours later still no leaks... I am hopeful for another overnight test.