DIY - Mash Tun Manifold

So I am finally getting around to building a Mash Tun Manifold. I was looking at building something like this ...

The problem was that I couldn't find a suitable way to connect the stainless steel mesh to the copper T-pieces.

So I decided to go with the pretty much standard route as you can see below - I think you get the idea.

Don't look too closely at my soldering skills - this was the VERY first time. I think that by the end I started getting a little better at it.

Cooling down the manifold

Small progress

Completed the soldering

Cutting the slots with my Dremel - I don't know what I would do without this tool. You will see a piece of tube on the left hand side of the manifold which is going to be used to connect to the inside of the tap in the Mash Tun. That T-piece is also not soldered so I can swivel it for a better fit :)

Complete - Towards the bottom (where the non-soldered t-piece is the cross pieces are closer together. I did this on purpose as I though that to get the most wort from my tun I would put a brick under the cooler on the opposite side to the tap.


Testing - I decided to place the slots at the underside of the manifold ( I can always turn this around) so try and stop grain getting into them.

I am a little disappointed in the flow rate. I was hoping for something a little better. Perhaps I should try with the slots pointing upwards?


My mash tun has not been used once yet, and now I don't think that I will ever use it. I have invested in some reconditioned kegs and am looking to build a single tiered brewery...