Derksen Farm Dec 2010

A friend of ours invited us to their hunting farm situated just outside Ellisrus. Lovely place even though we didn't get to see many animals, we still spent some time in our hammocks. We had some serious rain in the afternoons and unfortunately the wind blew really hard in the evenings. But is was so HOT that it was a pleasure to sleep outside.

We setup in the camp as we were warned about Hyenas and the occasional Leopard that have been seen. In the background of the first pic you can see the game fence. Lovely and green surroundings.

Mags Setting up his Ticket-To-The-Moon

From the other side (See the pool in the background)

Mags clearing a branch out of the way for me.

Making some pegs to secure his tarp. My hammock in the process of being setup.

First time I am using the Mosquito Net and Tarp. (They were fabulous by the way.)

Unfortunately I didn't take any extra batteries so this was the last photo of our little camp. I missed out on the pictures of the Chameleon as well as the Puff-Adder as well as some buck that we did eventually see.