Drakensberg Sun & Canopy Tour

We spent this weekend in the Drakensberg at the Drakensberg Sun Resort. We decided to take the employees of our company away for the weekend along with their families. It's always good to spend some time with the guys from the office away from the pressure of every day work. Anyway while we were away we (my family and I went on a hike from the Drakensberg Sun up to the Blue Grotto. The weather was overcast which made for a fantastically cool walk. The walk is only about a 3.5 hour walk covering about 8kms. It is only moderately difficult in some places. The walks takes you through a natural forest along a river until you get to the grotto.

Here we are on our way.

Father (a very happy one!) and sons.

Crossing the little river offers some lovely places to rest up a bit.

The lads thoroughly enjoyed the walk.

Mom and the boys under one of the many overhangs on the walk.

On a small path on the side of a very steep hill. This is just before the grotto.

At the grotto, the boys are working up the courage to jump in. They did eventually and reported that is was FREEZING. Although I think that the folk back at the hotel knew how cold it was by how loud they screamed.

The water was amazingly clean and you could see the bottom from the rocks on the left. The boys decided to try and jump off the side to speed up the process of getting wet. From there is was a short swim to the waterfall or to the sandbank.

On the other side of the grotto. Mags has already started to warm up. It was so cold that I got a jacket for Seth to try and help him get some body heat back. That water must had been really cold .. :)

On the way back. You can see the Hotel in the bottom left of the photo.

Canopy tour

We decided to go on the canopy tour which is a series of 12 zip lines. The longest in South Africa (179m) as well as the highest (65m above the floor). The tour takes about 3 hours and we were fortunate enough to have only the 3 boys on this trip. Janine didn't want to join us because of the high factor. Here we are all kitted up and the boys are VERY excited to get going.

After a short safety briefing we were driven to the top of the hill were it was a short 2min walk to the first training platform.

Mags getting hooked in and about to go over the first little zip line.

Seth getting across to the other side safely.

Mags and Seth not even worried about being so high.

Walking on a small platform from one zip line to the other. We were always fastened to a safety cable.

Crossing this wobbly suspension bridge brought on a smile from the boys.

All in all a very enjoyable experience. Seth even commented that we are quite an adventurous family, which really made me smile. Below is a parting shot of some of the scenery.