Fermenter Upgrade

I upgraded my plastic bucket fermenter a little today. The plastic was not transparent so I could never see how much liquid I had in it. I also used to wrap it in blankets and put it in a box with a light under it to maintain the temperature. I decided to make things a little prettier. I have plans to build a cupboard with a temperature control, big enough for both my fermenters to sit in.

I'll probably put a fan and a light in it, but for now I will try to maintain the temp with a camping mattress.

I cut a piece of camping mattress to size and added contact adhesive to the bucket and the mattress.

I tidied up the edges after the whole thing was glued in place... This process was far more fiddly than I had hoped.

To try and protect the mattress I decided to wrap the whole thing in duct tape.

There you go, all nicely wrapped up.

I then cut out the holes for the sight tube (a real McGyver). you can see the indentation where the tap is going to be installed.

All done! The tap is installed and I have also marked (each liter mark was measured with my Erlenmeyer flask) a guide for the sight glass.