Hanging in Zimbabwe (April 2010)

My family and I have just returned from 10 days in Masuna in Zimbabwe (about 350km North of Bulawayo) on the Zambizi river. Completely wild, threat of hippos and crocs in the river right in front of where we were staying. Fantastic.

We stayed in chalets that were just off the river and spent most of our time fishing for Tiger fish and Bream. We spent most nights on the river as the sun was going down. An absolute amazing break from the rat race.

Outside our chalet there were a few trees begging to have a hammock strung between them for those hot afternoons when you just cant be on the river unless you want to be cooked "well done". Needless to say my sons and I put up our hammocks and enjoyed the cool breeze in the shade until it was time to hunt for that elusive Tiger again.

Below are a few pics of the place. Unfortunately we never spent an entire night in our hammocks as there is a hippo the feeds on the bushes and grass around the chalets and we were advised to stay indoors for our safety.

The view from my TicketToTheMoon hammock.

Me in my only bought hammock - Hung it a little low but it still did the job.

Another tough day in Africa.

After we had hung 2 of the three hammocks. You can see the bench with some of our fishing tackle to the bottom right. Incidentally the TicketToTheMoon hammock on the right is right in the hippos path from the river to it evening snack! The other hammock is my first attempt at a DIY (I made one for each of my sons and bought myself a TTTM - what a terrible father [:)]

MY first DIY ready to be used properly.

Another angle. The brown patch in the background (middle) of the pic goes right down to the river. This is the entrance for the hippos and crocs.

Some more view from the hammock -

My son with his first Tiger (Yes ... he did catch more than I did)

Teaching him "Catch and Release"

In front of the "Biggest" Baobab in Africa. (diameter 5m, my car is about 15m in front of it)

My eldest on the river.

A truly lovely experience. Our hammocks definitely travel with us all the time from now on.