Homebrew Beer

In an attempt to take my brewing to another level I have decided to PIMP my brewery. It currently stands at 3 x 25l buckets in which I have brewed several Coopers extract kits. Below are some of the things I have added recently.

I have (I think) improved my beer quite a bit lately by simply following some of the straight forward tips I found on the web.

  1. Re-hydrate the yeast
  2. Be diligent about cleanliness
  3. Control the temprature

To date I have put all my beer into bottles. Well in July 2010 I decided to purchase some kegs in an attempt to make things easier. I'll let you know how that works out.

Check my links for some truly awesome homebrew sites.

Some of the things I am doing/have done to move to an All-Grain brew.

  1. Babo's Brewery
    1. Phase 1 - 13 Nov 2010
    2. Phase 2 - 08 Apr 2011
  2. DIY Mash Tun
  3. DIY Manifold for the Mash Tun
  4. Purchased a gas cooker in order to boil the entire wort on brewday
  5. DIY Stir plate to activate the yeast
  6. Fermenter Upgrade
  7. Get reconditioned kegs - build single tier brewery (Work in Progress)
  8. The Kegerator!

  9. Keg Cooler
  10. Mash Tun False Bottom
  11. More comming soon.