Magallies Hike

The day after Janine and my 16th anniversary we took the kids into the Magalliesberg, to the Mountain Sanctuary Park. We wanted to hike the complete circle walk but it was a very hot day and the kids got stuck at some pools along the river and convinced us to stay there. We spent most of our time there and really couldn't walk any further.

We have decided to go back and stay for the weekend in the camp site.

Here are Seth, Janine and Mags ready to hit the trail.

And one with me.

We first stopped for a little while at the "West Rapids".

This is a very pretty spot which we needed to climb up to get back to the trail. We took some shelter right next to the stream under some trees.

Along the way we walked through some lovely places.

The trail would eventually end up at the "West Pools", some lovely clean water in a gorge.

Making Tea next to the pools.

Pancakes that were a disaster! I am going to have to practice making pancakes.

Relaxing on the rocks next to the pools.

Boys getting a little warmer (The water was really fresh) - Check how clear that water was!

All in all a great way to spend time with the family. We are definitely going to go back and camp there.