Marico Oog - 09 2010

For our first dive as a family without any instructors or other students we decided to go to Marico Oog. This is a lovely little dam about 30kms from Groot Marico. The last time we went there we were the only divers and had the whole place to ourselves. This time however there were loads of people there and many were divers. This made the whole experience "not great".

The road to Marico Oog has gotten REALLY TERRIBLE and I would recommend travelling on the longer tar route as far as possible (we took the shorted 35km sand road). However this is also not great as there are massive potholes and a 30 min delay where roadworks are being carried out.

When we got there Oom Willie greeted us with a friendly smile. We drive to the side of the dam and couldn't believe how many people were there. (It was a long weekend after all)

Unfortunately with so many divers and so many people swimming the result was obviously ruined visibility. There was even a very inconsiderate free-diver that kept trying the swim through (a very small hole net really a swim through) and kept kicking up massive clouds of silt and algae.

On the first dive the boys battled a little with their buoyancy. However, after a lite lunch we went back in and they had a lovely dive and their buoyancy control was far better.

Here I am coming out of the little corridor into the first small pool.

Mags and Mom

Seth and Mom

The boys at the start of their dive in the bigger pool going down onto their knees on the grid at about 5 meters.

Nice closeup of Mags

The boys and mom.