Marloth Park (July 2010)

So I took my boys into the bush again. This time to the Marloth Park area which is about 10km from the Crocodile Bridge Gate. (the southern part of Kruger National Park) You can walk freely in Marloth and I was hoping to find a spot to hang for a bit.

We only went from Thursday evening to Tuesday morning and only spent 1 night in the bush (really wild - crazy scary ) and one night on the deck of a mate of mines accommodation. He has a 3m x 3m watering hole on his property and we camped about 100m from this.

The first day (Friday) we spent in the bush a little way away from the house. We got a little worried as we could hear many hyena and many warthogs and the occasional lion. The lion in Marloth are kept in an enclosure but have been know to get out (we only found that out afterwards), however, there are Hyena, Warthogs, Impala, Kudu, Zebra, Giraffe plus a whole host of other buck types that roam around freely.

Deciding to rather stay safe, we spent Saturday night up top on the deck. We could still hear the wildlife but felt much safer.

Below are some of the photos of our stay. Pity I couldn't get the full feel of the place. The pictures really don't do it justice.

The Boys ready to look for our spot on Friday afternoon.

Hammocks up. ready to make our spot a little more comfortable.

My youngest with his own DIY - he did the whoopie slings and all. (After this trip I went and got them each their own TTTM)

My eldest with his "Too Cool for School" look (I mean who goes into the bush with an "Adopt me Angelina" T-shirt on - My Teenager thats who)

Me just before we hung the tarps.

Isn't the bush just LOVELY!

Saturday night upstairs on the deck on top of 2 stories. (Much safer = better sleep). Pity about the poor quality pic.

A few playful lions while driving in the Kruger Park the next day.

Just how beautiful is this place. This is overlooking the Kruger National Park from inside Marloth Park. The river below is the Crocodile River.

Apologies for the LOONG post with soo many pics.. I cant help myself. Hopefully some-one is motivated to arrange a trip with their kids. It is truly rewarding sharing this kind of thing.

Cheers till next time.