Rear Pod - Part 1 of 5

So I need somewhere to secure some goodies on my yak that I am not able to put inside the TINY built-in hatches on the Tarpon 130T. Would you believe it but they don't manufacture a rear pod for the yak I have. :mad:

Unfortunately this is not complete as yet but I thought I'd get started with the post and simply update as I go. I should finish in about the next week or so.

This is where I plan on putting the pod.

My original plan was to put a pod in the rearmost triangle as well as a pod on the back seat (as you can see in the following few posts where I actually started with the layup, but I decided that time was short so I would leave the readseat pod and complete the rear pod first. I also decided to keep them separate so I could still use the rear pod if I used the yak as a tandem again.

Firstly I put down tin foil (I didn't want to polish my yak and I didn't have a release agent that I could paint on)

Next I started laying up the glass for the rear seat pod. This step was the same for the rear pod I just didn't have pics of that part.

After a few layers (three) of glass I had the shape of the rear pod underneath. In the following pic you can see my favourite tool my Dremmel being used to remove the fluffy part from what will be the bottom of the rear pod.

The excess completely removed. You can start to see the shape of the rear pod already.

So my idea is to use an 8inch hatch to the front of the pod for access and mount it like a sub woofer.. :) Apologies for the blurry pic.

I routed a ring to fit the hatch from MDF. Same way I would if I were making a speaker enclousure. Nearly killed myself with this one though.. I got lazy and didn't clamp the ring to the table when using the router... won't make that mistake again.

I fixed the ring to the bottom part of the rearpod using 2 lengths of marine ply. I just didn't have enough hands to get the shape I wanted. I am not too fussed though.. this is a proto-type after all. I did begin to completely glass in the MDF ring (don't want it to get wet) however in retrospect I would rather use something other than wood. Possibly a polyurethane material... will check for the next pod. I used a hot glue gun to glue the pieces in place.

Standing up you get the idea of what it will look like

To get some nice rounded shapes I stretched an old T-shirt over the pod.

And then painted the material with resin.

I then took some woven glass and layed up a layer over the T-shirt material.

That's where I ended this morning. I will continue this afternoon by cleaning up the edges and laying some glass inside the pod for strength. Overall I am really chuffed with how it is turning out even if the shape isn't what I wanted to begin with.

I'll post further pics later with my progress. I plan on adding some webbing across the top of the pod which will connect to the existing fixtures where the bungy currently gets clipped around.