Rear Pod - Part 2 of 5

Progress Report. Unfortunately not too much to report until this afternoon when I will complete the sanding. Up until now I have re-enforced the join as you can see below. I did this with chopped mat as I have found (in my tiny experience - this is only my second project after all) that chopped mat goes around corners far better than woven mat.


I then spent a whole lot of time sanding and eventually started with the body filler.

More sanding until it was relatively smooth...


I then made a mixture of 1/3 (one third) body filler and 2/3 (two thirds) resin and the relative amount of catalyst which looks like this following, which I painted onto the rather smooth pod.

PS dont let my wife see the spoon I was using to mix the milkshake.

After painting the milkshake onto the pod I was left with what you see below which I really only have to do some light sanding on the pod and then prime and paint.

Oh... I also neatened the hole for the hatch and needed to patch some areas where the glass had dried away from the frame. Chopped out the raised pieces and filled with some glass and more milkshake.

Should be ready for painting tomorrow, and then Hatch install a day or two later.

UPDATE: I have also tested this pod for being waterproof and was really happy that it floats in the pool with bricks in it for over an hour with no sign of leaking as well as holds water inside for over an hour without the level dropping.