Rear Pod - Part 5 of 5

Below are a few pics of my rear pod installed onto the yak. These were taken after I tested it in the surf in Umkomaas. I paddeled out with no problems however as you all know returning to the beach is where most take a swim and I am no different. My yak ended up upside down and I needed to swim after it. at Midbreak I righted it climed back on and paddeled to shore only to be spat out onto the beach by the shore break. The yak again landed upside down on top of the pod.

To my delight the pod stayed intact and didn't take on a drop of water. (My cell phone and car keys were inside) so all in all I think it was a successful project. One lesson I did learn though was that I must re-spray it White as the black acts as an oven and my water got quite warm.

Enjoy the photos folks.

From behind.

Until I come up with an idea for another project...


PS. By the way my Middle seat bracket worked fantastically and my little white teflon cutting board (which you can also see in the pics) also worked a treat.