DIY - Stirplate

Stirplate 1.0

This project was a lot of fun. I have never done anything on the electronics front and when I went to a component store and told them what I wanted to do and asked for a Rheostat they explained that I actually needed a "Speed Control for DC Motors" kit.

I bought this and took it home. When I opened it I got a bit of a shock. Many Many parts ... many of which I could not even ID. Anyway, I googled (after all ...Google is your friend...) and was able to put it all together. Below is the finished thing, the little blue specs in it are some small foam squares I let the kids throw in. (BTW - that is my 3 liter Erlenmeyer flask that is on the stirplate).

I unfortunately didn't take pictures during the build but the photo below does show the pcboard I put together with the speed control, as well as the 12v PC fan with a piece of velcro glued onto it. I wanted to be able to move the magnet around until I got it centered. Works like a charm.

I also modified the enclosure a little. I ground off the top and glued a perspex piece on top. That way I can see if the fan is actually turning or not. (Still need to round of the edges to finish the lid off)