Site Update - 30/04/2013

At LAST!!! I have an update to the site. I am sure that more will follow soon ... I actually have been busy with a few mods.

Here is the first I have written about. Http://

Mags gets bitten by a spider

The other day Marek came through with what looked like a boil. We left him that night but the next morning he was still in a considerable amount of pain. His knee just looked like it had a boil on it. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of it before we had it treated. That night we took him to the chemist to have it looked at and he could not identify if it was a boil or a spider bite. So off to the hospital. They confirmed that it was indeed a spider bite and so treated it and put Mags onto an antibiotic. We were also instructed on how to dress it until it healed.

Site Update - 8/04/2011

So I finally got stuck into my Brewery again.

See the update here in a picture heavy post.

Also added a few pics of our trip to Mozambique.


Site Update - 7/03/2011

Slow updates I know - things going on at the moment

  • Boys completed their Advanced diving course - Read about it here
  • I moved my thread injector upstairs into my office behind my desk so I can simply swing around on my chair and will be making gear in no time. - Pic here
  • I should be getting a new shipment of brewing supplies in the next couple of days and that might just spark the vigor I need to get going with my brewery again.

Derksen Farm

Updated a trip report of a recent visit to a friends farm near Ellisrus.

Read more about it here.

Derksen Farm - 12 2010

Magallies Hike and Marico Oog

The weekend after Janine and my anniversary we took the boys on a hike in Magalliesberg and for a dive to Marico Oog.

Read more about it here.

Magalliesberg Mountain Sanctuary Park Hike

Diving at Marico Oog

Mags gets an Egg on his head!

We were at a braai on Saturday (18 Sep 2010) and Mags was in the entertainment room playing Wii with his mates. He was batting in a baseball game and was getting really into it. Swung --- missed :) --- and landed on his head on the tiled floor.

Check the damage ..:(

Got my Kegs today for my Brewery!

17 September 2010

Whoooo hoooo ... I fetched the kegs for my brewery today. I even cut off the top of the boil kettle. I'll add photos of the progress when there is a little more to report.

Added PostSubscribe

At last I added a method for users to subscribe in order to get notified of changes to this site.

Site Update - 14/09/2010

Added Trip Report of our weekend in the Drakensberg.

Drakensberg and Canopy tour

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