Boys Advanced Junior Diver course

This weekend my boys did their Advanced Junior Diver Course and did fantastically well. We chose the following specialties

  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • This is a good skill to start with as the kids had to check their weighting and tweak their overall
    buoyancy which really made a difference for the rest of the dives.

  • Navigation - compulsory
  • The boys started off checking how many fin kicks they used to swim 30m (this was a tiring task) and then had to dive a square and a triangle with a compass from a given point (me sitting on the bus). Miracle is notorious for bad viz-ability. I stayed on the bus with a buoy line to the instructor (So he didn't get completely lost) and within 5 fin cycles I could not see the boys (they had to swim the 30m for each leg of the square/triangle) Needless to say that both had to redo the skill to get it right, but they did get it right in the end. - This was by far their worst dive and they realize that problems related to over exertion underwater.

  • Night
  • We all LOVED this dive. The Cylomes make a fantastic effect when the torches are covered - this is a really exciting dive even inland. Pity I didn't at least try to take the camera, although I don't think I would have really got any pictures worth posting. I was a little anxious about the boys but they handled like seasoned veterans even impressing the 5 trainee DM's that joined us.

  • Deep - compulsory
  • No problem here - Simple skills at 20.5 meters (They are allowed to dive to 21m) and then a multi-level wall dive (Pic below). A very enjoyable dive first thing on Sunday morning, the water wasn't even that cold even below the thermocline.

  • Wreck
  • Another enjoyable dive. The boys had to draw a picture of the plane, entrance points, hazards, tie-off points etc on a slate and explain it to the instructor afterwards. (I wish I had taken photos of those pictures they were really amusing)

After the first dive you could see both boys getting more confident in the water and in no time were diving like pros. 5 Dives in two days is exhausting though.

Here are a few pics from the weekend.

This was our comfortable setup on Saturday.

Kitted up and busy with BWRAF checks - instructor in the background.

This was a wall dive along the one side of Miracle Waters. This is a seldom dived area and was full of fish. We even spent some time watching a bream pair chase off the bass that were getting a little too close to their nest. As you can see by the end of the weekend the viz gets terrible so it is a bit of a waste to even try to take photos.

Next stop Mozambique and the end of March!