Boys Miracle Waters

28 August 2010

Well the time has come and the boys are about to get into a very cold Miracle Waters (15 degrees C) for their very first open water dives.

They have been overly excited this last week.

Here they are being briefed before their first dive.

They are getting into the freezing water and are swimming to the grid at 5m to do their skills in open water.

Mags descending on his own!

Seth on the grid waiting his turn to demo his skills.

29 August 2010

The students kick up a ton of silt which makes taking photos impossible!

Mags had a little trouble equalizing but handled the situation brilliantly. He just swam up a couple of meters and slowly descended while trying to equalize all the time. It is quite tough being a parent and not getting involved while your child is having to deal with an issue.

Off they go. They are swimming off to see the bus. Not completely streamlined yet and kicking like they are riding a bicycle but they are loving it.

The newly qualified divers. Well done boys!