Boys Pool Sessions

7 August 2010

Our boys have been desperate to dive with my wife and I. At last the day has come when they are old enough to do the course. Both my wife and I have been diving for several years now and totally love the experience. It was always something that we wanted to do as a family. Here are a few pics of the pools sessions that the boys did.

Firstly we had to get the car packed.

So far so good.

It is still quite cold here but we were fortunate enough to find an indoor, heated pool. Here the boys are about to get ready for their first practical sessions.

As a Dive Master I had already done an intro to Scuba with them but was very glad that a friend of mine (the dive instructor) was so diligent. Here he is in the pool with them getting them to breathe with just their face in the water to start with.

There a loads of skills they have to do, and they did them all brilliantly.

The backward roll, we don't roll forwards when boat diving. The reason being that if you do you land face first in the boat.. :)

Mags performing the mask removal skill.

Seth doing the same.

Tired buddy tow.

Mags trying to adjust his mask (he may have been clearing it - we ran out of SeaGold and had to make do with spit :()

The next day (08 August 2010) we were at Dejong pool for the final 2 dives in the pool. Here Mags and Seth are kitting up in front of the instructor.

They also had to do the 10min water tread. This pool is 5m all round and had just been refurbished so the heating hadn't had enough time to warm the water up yet. It was a chilly 17 degrees C.

They came through with flying colours. Next up is the Open Water sessions which will be done at Miracle waters (an old chrome mine near Brits) at the end of August.

Can't wait until then, and neither can they!