Mags gets bitten by a spider

The other day Marek came through with what looked like a boil. We left him that night but the next morning he was still in a considerable amount of pain. His knee just looked like it had a boil on it. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of it before we had it treated. That night we took him to the chemist to have it looked at and he could not identify if it was a boil or a spider bite. So off to the hospital. They confirmed that it was indeed a spider bite and so treated it and put Mags onto an antibiotic. We were also instructed on how to dress it until it healed.

In South Africa there are only 4 venomous spiders. Based on the type of bite and the symptoms Mags displayed we identified the spider as being the "Violin" spider or "Brown Recluse" spider in other parts of the world.

This is a picture of the bite a few days later.

And then even later

The photos don't really show just how bad the bite was... at least now he is ok though.