Trailer Modifications

So I have been finding it difficult to pack all 4 bikes onto "Churchill" for a while, I have even had to borrow trailers when I want to take the family riding.

So I decided to make a "lid rack" for the Venter. This way I can attach some "HoldFast Bike Brackets" to the rack and fit all the bicycles on quite comfortably.

The other problem I had with my trailer was that it was too small to fit behind "Churchill" without catching the spare wheel when I turned. I looked into a HoldFast tow-ball extension however I didn't like the idea of reducing the departure angle by moving the tow-ball further out (away from the vehicle) to accommodate the small trailer. So I decided to lengthen the trailer. You can see in the pictures, that it works WAY better now.

I may not have to worry about another trailer anymore. Nice hey.